Knight of the Living Dead

The Weeping Briar Cemetery


As you approach the clearing it becomes apparent that it is in fact a cemetery, you notice several graves that appear to be recently disturbed, the ground is churned up, with gapping holes in the centers, splinters of wood strewn all around. When you peer into the graves you see that they are quickly filling with water. Suddenly you hear a noise from a nearby grave, and as you turn to look you see a hand emerge from the lommy ground.

The party finds itself attacked by waves of zombies emerging from the ground. The group is quickly surrounded but working together manages to defeat the zombies.

Several of the zombies do manage to rise again, leading the party to dismember the corpses and spread the parts through out the cemetery. IT’s agreed that if it wasn’t raining so hard the group would burn the bodies.

The group agreas to head into town hopping to find shelter, food, and some answers.



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