Knight of the Living Dead

The Town of Weeping Briar

Weeping Briar

The town of Weeping Briar is a sleeply little hamlet, made up of squat one and two story buildings with a distinct dwarven style. The town is constructed in a rough circular pattern with a wide squat wall around the outer edge, just inside the wall is a stretch of open ground, then a ring of houses. Inside the ring of houses is the village’s main square. At the very center is a tall fountain from wich the locals gather there fresh drinking water. Around the edges of the square are a large stone mill, an old inn, a open market, a black smith, a livery stables, and what looks to be the village lords home. The main streets are made of warn cobles, and the side streets packed earth. The rain has turned them into mud puddles and bogs making the train both slippery and difficult.

The streets appear to be deserted, not a sole in sight. No lights come from the windows, and the lamps are all out. In the distance you can hear a door creek, and some shutters banging against a wall, lightning crashes, and on the wind… is that a moan?

The party desides to explore a bit, initially checking out the livery stables. Mai-Sal being the most stealthy of the party creeps inside and finds evidence of a recent strugle, there’s a small table in the main room with a chair over turned and a few plates and cups strewn across the ground. There is a candle holder on the table but the candle has burned itself out. All the stalls are empty and there is nobody home.

Next the party sends Mai-Sal to explore the inn. Inside she finds evidence of a fight. Tables are over turned, bottles have been smashed, and there is what looks like blood on the floor. Again there is no sign of anyone any where in the building.

Once outside the party notices two figures crouching over a third figure prone on the ground, through the rain and darkness it’s hard to tell, but it seems like the standing figures may be attacking the prone figure.



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