Knight of the Living Dead

Encounter at the Cross Roads

Our adventures meet

The rain pours down darkening the night, pierced only by an occasional flash of meanecing lightning.

On the outskirts of the Town of Weeping Briar, at lonely crossroads two adventures fight for there lives.

Eldon and Tarak (two strangers traveling the Kings Road together) spy several figures through the rain, they appear to be locked in some sort of struggle. As they approach you realize that two adventures (Mai-sal and Raastred) are locked in combat with a shambling pair of figures. Eldon and Tarak rush to there aid.

After you dispatch the creatures Mai-sal explains that she had meet Raastred on the Kings road and had agreed to travel together, then the storm hit and they decided to make there way to Weeping Briar. Mai-Sal and Raastred had the town in sight when the creatures attacked them. The creatures appeared to have come from the nearby clearing.



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