Knight of the Living Dead

Battle in the Weeping Briar town square


As Raastred and Tarak move to engage the two figures attacking the prone figure the rest of the party notices several more figures appearing from different streets around the square. The party quickly finds itself locked in battle with eight different zombies.

Initially the battle goes pretty well, Raastred deals damage toe to toe with a zombie, but Tarak has less luck with the zombie he attacks throwing him across the square.

Meanwhile Mai-sal and Eldon split their time dealing with a flying zombie, and several zombie minion’s.

The battle is a close one, with Tarak and Raastred both coming very close to unconsciousness. But in the end with some quick healing on Eldon’s part the party survives and defeats the zombies.

Raastred approaches the prone figure only to find that it’s a fresh corpse, and even worse it appears to be infected with a Rot Gut Swarm!

The Swarm attacks, and seems to be resilient to melee and ranged attacks, only area and burst attacks seem to be effective. With everyone attacking the swarm the battle is short, but not before Raastred finds himself on the edge of unconciousness.

As the party finishes off the swarm Mai-sal notices a small figure watching the battle from one of the stalls in the market…



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